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Choir Class

Lydore Music offers choir classes for kids in daycare and elementary school. These classes provide a fun and engaging way for children to explore the world of music through singing. Students will learn vocal techniques, develop their musical abilities, and work together to create beautiful music in a group setting. With Lydore Music, children can discover the joy of singing and music while building confidence and teamwork skills.

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Benefits of the Lydore Music Choir Classes

Choir classes are available for children as young as 2 years old, with each session typically accommodating 8 to 15 students.

These singing classes at daycares are all about kids having a great time with music. They’ll get to learn about different kinds of music, practice their singing skills, and work together with other kids in the class.

Our classes will be led by teachers who know a lot about music and have fun activities planned. Kids will do things like warm up their voices, practice singing, learn songs from all kinds of music, and even perform for others. It’s going to be a fun and educational time for kids of all ages.

We believe that it’s really important for kids to start learning about music early on. Our singing classes can help kids learn new things, make friends, and feel more confident. It’s a great way for kids to have fun while learning something new!

















Why Us

 Our instructors are all experienced and qualified music educators. They are passionate about teaching music to children and have a proven track record of success.

Our curriculum is designed to cover all aspects of music education, including singing, playing instruments, music theory, and music history.

We offer a variety of scheduling options to fit your school’s needs. We can provide lessons during the school day, after school, or on weekends.

We offer the most affordable & competitive pricing for our services.

Bring the joy of music to your elementary school

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