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Recorder Lessons

Learning how to play the recorder with LYDORE Music Network offers numerous benefits. It enhances cognitive skills like memory and coordination, improves breath control and lung capacity, boosts creativity, and provides an opportunity for self-expression. LYDORE's structured lessons and supportive community make the learning process fun and rewarding, fostering a lifelong love for music.

Recorder In-Home, Online and School Lesson

The recorder is a popular and versatile instrument that has been enjoyed by musicians of all ages for centuries. Whether you’re a beginner looking to start your musical journey or an experienced player looking to improve your skills, learning to play the recorder can be a rewarding experience. With Lydore Music, you can access online, in-home, and school lessons to help you master this beautiful instrument.

Online Lessons

One of the advantages of learning to play the recorder with Lydore Music is the convenience of online lessons. With online lessons, you can learn to play the recorder from the comfort of your own home, at your own pace. Lydore Music’s online lessons are designed to be easy to follow, with step-by-step instructions and video demonstrations to help you master the basics of playing the recorder.

In-Home Lessons

If you prefer a more personalized learning experience, Lydore Music also offers in-home lessons. With in-home lessons, you can receive one-on-one instruction from a skilled recorder teacher in the comfort of your own home. This personalized approach allows you to focus on your specific goals and improve your skills with individualized attention.

School Lessons

For students looking to enhance their musical education, Lydore Music offers recorder lessons in schools. These lessons are designed to be engaging and interactive, providing students with a fun and educational music experience. By learning to play the recorder in a school setting, students can develop their musical abilities and gain a greater appreciation for music.

Whether you choose online, in-home, or school lessons, learning to play the recorder with Lydore Music can help you unlock your musical potential. With expert instruction, engaging lessons, and a passion for music education, Lydore Music is committed to helping you succeed on your musical journey. Start your recorder lessons today and discover the joy of making music with Lydore Music.




 45 MINS$85
 1 HOUR$100
 45 MINS$75
 1 HOUR$90
 45 MINS$90
 1 HOUR$130

Note: 8-15 students for school lessons.

Why Us

Experienced and qualified instructors

 Our instructors are all experienced and qualified music educators. They are passionate about teaching music to children and have a proven track record of success.

Comprehensive curriculum

Our curriculum is designed to cover all aspects of music education, including singing, playing instruments, music theory, and music history.

Modal Training Flexible scheduling

We offer a variety of scheduling options to fit your school’s needs. We can provide lessons during the school day, after school, or on weekends.

Affordable pricing

We offer the most affordable & competitive pricing for our services.

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