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Introducing Music at Home

Lydore Music Network has suspended all in-person lessons. We are now offering online private lessons via Zoom. Become a member and enjoy up to 50% off music lessons and also get 30 minutes free class within the first 7 days when you sign up to become a member. No membership enrollment fee. 

Our Music Boxes & Musical Instruments


We are pleased to announce that we’ll be starting our online music lessons to all our current and future students very soon.

During these difficult times, live online music lessons are some of the best ways to continue learning. Our instructors have thoroughly prepared the best online piano lessons, recorder, vocal music lessons, and violin lessons.

We focus on key areas like hand position, posture, and playing any instrument correctly. Many students have expressed that online instrument lessons are just as effective and fun as our in-person lessons.

Music Classes We Offer Online

Piano Class

Do you want to learn how to play the Piano? Lydore online piano classes are developed for each student to best suit their learning process. 

Voice Class

Lydore Music Network offers online voice lessons. With the help of our teachers,  you can continue working on that voice and develop it right from your home.

Violin Class

Our online violin classes are nothing but spectacular. You can learn how to play the violin right at the corner of your home, with our best instructors. 

Recorder Class

Our online interactive and fun-filled recorder classes will cheer up your child’s day. Sign your child up today and enjoy our online recorder classes specially designed by out teachers. 


Become a member of Lydore Music Network  and pay a monthly subscription fee to receive super discounted music lessons on any instrument of your choice. All Lydore Music Instructors are highly trained and have at least a bachelor’s degree in their field. They also participate in occasional  training  that further increases their skills.

Not Ready to become a member? You can schedule your class anytime and enjoy amazing musical experience .

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About us

Lydore Music Network is a company that comprises of professional music instructors. We are a very experienced music company with only one goal- to deliver the best services to you. Our teachers can focus entirely on things like hand position, posture, musicality, and playing any instrument correctly.

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